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Marian Route Lodging Network

Just like any other tourist, the religious tourist needs the basic services when travelling. One of these basic services for those who want to spend more than one day within the route is the accommodation.

Are you a Travel Agency? Are you currently organizing a trip to the Marian Route?

We are able to send a dossier to you. It has contact info of the person in charge of the groups department for each hotel in our network. Send us an e-mail requesting the dossier or any other information about lodging places (hotels, places, nights, prices...) you might need to:

The five sanctuaries in the Marian Route are located in areas that already have an important amount of lodging places (in the case of Lourdes, it is the sanctuary the one that generated the construction of those accommodations). We could then say that the need for lodging is already satisfied. However, nowadays the tourist destinations try to facilitate as much as they can all the steps taken by the tourist. We should add to this, the fact that the religious tourist has specific needs to satisfy. Therefore, we believe it is necessary to organize and compile all the accommodations available in the route by 'Ruta Mariana Incoming'. This service can help you to choose and book those accommodations that you need for yours clients.


LOURDES SANCTUARIES HÔTELS, the second most important hotelier in Lourdes taht includes 5 hotels with 3 or 4 stars.
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LOURDES HÔTELS SERVICES, with 5 new hotels of 3 and 4 stars.
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