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Best way to travel the Marian Route

The Marian Route flows through many paths.

The essence of the Marian Route resides in the spiritual value of the sanctuaries and in the historic, patrimonial and natural legacy of exceptional importance that possesses. This can be appreciated in the actual Marian sanctuaries, cities like Zaragoza or the fascinating Pyrenees.


The best way to travel the route depends on you, as you decide how to get excited with it.

Many different tours can be designed as it is a very reachable itinerary available through any of the sanctuaries, villages or towns. In this web site you will find different ways of travel the route, how to move from one sanctuary to the next one, it will show you the highlights, villages and towns that must be seen. This is why we believe that the best way to travel the route is the one that fulfills your experience best; taking the trip from a spiritual, adventure or culture point of view.

The route lies on the following four sanctuaries:

Sanctuary of El Pilar (Zaragoza):

The first Marian sanctuary in the world. This huge urban shrine located in the downtown area is an Aragonese baroque style jewel that holds inside works of art and artistic elements of great value. Some examples of these pieces are the Goya paintings, the altarpiece or the spectacular Holy Chapel; space that houses the venerated image of the “Virgen del Pilar” (image of Virgin Mary on a column).

Sanctuary of Torreciudad (Huesca):

Near the city of Barbastro is nowadays one of the most visited places in the region of Aragon. Its privilege location on the top of a mount makes this unique place a perfect natural environment with great landscape views over the lake.

Sanctuary of Montserrat (Barcelona):

nestled in the middle of the most emblematic mountain in Catalonia. This religious site is a true open air museum where devotion, culture and nature merge perfectly.

Sanctuary of Lourdes (Francia):

No doubt, one of the most cosmopolitan places in the world. Its strength resides in the diversity of the people that arrives from each and every continent. Every year, more than 6 million people arrive to this holy place.


A different kind of sanctuary, surrounded by Nature and a symbol an entire country.