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Origins and Meaning

For centuries, men and women travel on pilgrimages from one place to another moved by religious motivation. The constant progress in communications, new developments in means of transportation, new technologies, the religious tourism becoming a mass phenomenon, together with new forms in which sanctuaries present themselves and the tourist attractions in their vicinity have contributed to the birth of new routes and religious itineraries.

The sanctuaries have evolved and they have adapted to the needs of the visitors, improving the access roads and its facilities to provide a better service with a perfectly planned infrastructure.

Currently, approximately 180 millions of pilgrims travel around the world visiting different sacred places, sanctuaries, pilgrimage centers or just going trough different religious itineraries.

These destinations have adapted to the new traveler tendencies. They are not only ready to receive pilgrims, they are also welcoming tourists and visitors that look for the cultural, artistic and natural heritage that these sanctuaries posses.

The Religious Tourism mixes culture and devotion, art and spirituality, nature and meditation. Pilgrims and tourist agree that this type of religious tourism is a new way of experience and gain knowledge.

The Marian Route has always been there, since the origins of the sanctuaries. The devotion to the Holly Virgin shown by the faithful and pilgrims is as ancient as it is a true fact.

For centuries, millions of people go on pilgrimages to sanctuaries in order to venerate and thank the image of Virgin Mary, showing their faith and love.

The faithful come one by one, as a family, in organized groups or in pilgrimages. Any of these options is welcome, when the purpose is to visit the Marian destination and honor the holly image.

Nowadays, the sanctuaries continue with the tasks of promoting and spreading the Marian Devotion. They also coordinate the pastoral activities, while making all the services in the sanctuary available to everyone.