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El Pillar Museum and the Flower Offering


The museum inside the basilica keeps an excellent representation of the religious art. There you can find magnificent pieces donated to the Virgin by the kings, members of the noble society, religious fraternities… here, you will also find a selection of the best cloaks that the image of the virgin wears every day and the chalices given by Popes Pius X and John XXIII.

It also keeps the sketches of the temple pictorial decoration made by Goya (Regina Marityrum dome) and by the Bayeu brothers, as well as the scale model of the Holy Chapel made by Ventura Rodriguez himself.

Specially significant and moving is the event of the flower offering that takes place every year on October 12th. On that day, hundreds of thousands arrived from all over Spain and many other countries to bring flowers to the image. All these flowers are placed together forming a big flower cloak for the holly mother. The city streets are filled with emotion and feeling of joy.

This tradition has been declared by popular vote as a Treasure of the Spanish Intangible Cultural Patrimony.

Opening hours: From 9am to 2pm & from 4pm to 6pm.
Entrance fee: 2 €