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Fountains and Pools

La fuente - © Sanctuaires ND de Lourdes_EURL Basilique du Rosaire

The Grotto spring water is channeled to underground tanks with capacity for 792,500 gallons of water. The water is conducted to the fountains, pool and water consignment office from these water tanks. Many pilgrims fill up small and large bottles from these fountains.

Each year, more than 2650,000 gallons of water are needed to supply the pools, fountains and the water path.

The Water Path consists of nine fountains located on the right bank of river Gave.  Each fountain has a biblical name. This path makes people want to drink or wash their hands and faces.

The water in the fountains is ordinary water; drinkable, pure, just like any other water of this region. The current pools’ building was built in 1955. The reason behind its construction was the desire to accommodate the amount of people that arrived to take baths in the water springs. So, these pools were built becoming some kind of large bathtubs where pilgrims can take their baths assisted by the members of the hospitality.


Opening Hours:

April through October: week days, 9am to 11am & 2.30pm to 4pm; Sundays & holidays, 9am to 11am & 2pm to 4pm
November through March: week days, 10am to 11am & 3pm to 4pm; Sundays & holidays, 10am to 11am & 2.30pm to 4pm.

More Information:

Free entrance. No previous reservation needed. Bringing swimming suit is not necessary (anything necessary to preserve the privacy will be provided there). It is recommended to be there one hour ahead of opening time.