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Oratorios of Meritxell

Uno de los dos oratorios de Meritxell

There are two oratorios on the road to the village of Prats. These two oratorios announce the arrival to the home of the Virgin to the visitors.

Pedestals with ‘stone of the country’ hold the chapel that serves as shrine to a small image of Our Lady of Meritxell. On the feet of this pedestal there is a stone slab that the faithful and travelers use as kneeling point for their prayers and pleadings.

The oratorios are decorated with wild rose bush that in spring are covered with white and pink petals. During the summer, the colors change to the intense red of the fruit.  Those wild rose bushes were chosen as a tribute to that rose bush that according to the legend (enlazar con  'origins of the sanctuary') bloomed in the middle of a snowy winter day.  This rose bush indicated the presence of the image of the Virgin to a shepherd on a January 6th.