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The "Escolanía" of Montserrat


The “Escolanía” (kids´ choir) is one of the most emblematic institutions of Montserrat. From the beginning and under the direction of the monks, it has been at the service of the sanctuary. Therefore, the “Escolanía” is one of the oldest music schools in Europe and that remains open.

With up to 50 boys on school age, the choir sings every day in the basilica, participating in the liturgical celebrations. From Monday to Friday, the “Escolanía” sings the “salve” and the “Virolai” at 1 pm and the “Salve Montserratina” (anthem of Montserrat) at 7 pm (alternating polyphony and Gregorian Chant with the monks choir). On Sundays at noon they are part of the convent mass.