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The Image of Our Lady of Montserrat


The image of Our Lady of Montserrat, also known as “La Moreneta” (The little dark-skinned one) due to the dark color of her face and hands, is a 12th century Romanesque carving of great beauty and expressiveness.

It represents Saint Mary as “God´s Mother” or “Knowledge Throne”. The color does not come from the wood (it is not dark) or the paint. There are historical testimonies that indicate that the figure has been slowly darkening with the past of time.

The image follows the “Virgin on its Majesty” standards, showing Virgin Mary in a frontal position with Jesus sitting on her lap

The image was crowned patron saint of Catalonia on 1881 by Pope León XIII. The image is placed in a silver altar piece (paid by the donations of the people) and it is in this place where she receives the daily visit of thousands of pilgrims and faithful.