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Trip Suggestions

We present here some itinerary examples. These are just some examples that you can see detailed in this section.

There are options that go from “1 night weekend” (for those who want a short trip), to a full “7 day trip” (for those wanting to visit the 4 sanctuaries) However, as we like to say, these are just some examples. You should design your own itinerary by adding or subtracting nights, choosing the sanctuaries and the places to visit. Enjoy!

Road distance between sanctuaries

  • From Zaragoza to Torreciudad 
    92 mi. - going by Huesca, Barbastro & El Grado
  • From Zaragoza to Montserrat 
    167 mi. - going by Fraga, Lerida & Olesa de Montserrat
  • From Zaragoza to Lourdes 
    186 mi. - going by Huesca, Sabiñanigo, Jaca, Canfranc, Pau & Tarbes
  • From Zaragoza to Meritxell
    186 mi. - going by Fraga – Lleida – Balaguer – Ponts – La Seu D'Urgell
  • From Torreciudad to Lourdes 
    123 mi. - going by Abizanda, Ai­nsa, Bielsa & Tarbes
  • From Torreciudad to Montserrat 
    127 mi. - going by Barbastro, Monzon, Binefar, Lerida & Olesa de Montserrat
  • From Torreciudad to Meritxell
    145 mi. - going by Barbastro – Monzón – Lleida – Balaguer – Ponts – La Seu D'Urgell
  • From Lourdes to Meritxell
    170 mi. - going by Tarbes – Capvern le Bains – Saint Girons – Foix – Ax les Thermes
  • From Montserrat to Meritxell
    247 mi. - going by Manresa – Berga – Bellver de Cerdanya – La Seu D'Urgell
  • From Montserrat to Meritxell