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Sanctuary of Torreciudad

Located near the town of Barbastro, in the Huesca province is the Sanctuary of Torreciudad. Its privilege location on the top of a mount makes this unique place a perfect natural environment, with great landscape views over “lake Grado”.

It belongs to the Aragonesse Ribagorza county, but it is located very close to other two important counties: “el Somontano” and “el Sobrarbe”.

This modern sanctuary was placed just a few meters away from the antique shrine (origin of the devotion to virgin of Torreciudad around the 11th century). The name of Torreciudad (Turris Civitatis in the old times) comes from an old surveillance tower from the Arabic times and which remains can be found not far from the mentioned shrine. Torreciudad is today a meeting and pilgrimage point for thousands of people and it is one of the most visited places in the Pyrenees. All the activities that take place are centered in the cult and veneration to the Virgin. Since the beginning, groups and families play a key role in the day to day life of the sanctuary. It is known as the Sanctuary of the Families.