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The Temple


The modern temple is today a meeting place and a visiting point for thousands of people . The history of the new sanctuary begins in 1956, thanks to the love to the Virgin of Saint Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer . He was the founder of the Opus Dei and it was his idea to build the place. The construction began in 1970.

The complex is a piece of singular characteristics. With a very personal style, this avant-garde sanctuary stands out due to the different shapes of the construction. The buildings are melted as a single structure by the square that was built to welcome thousands of people.

The dominating element in the interior is the altarpiece that was sculpted in alabaster by Joan Mayné. The center of the bottom side is reserved for the holy image.

On the left side of the nave, people will find the Blessed Sacrament chapel, dominated by a bronze image of a crucified Christ made by the Italian artist Pasquale Sciancalepore. This was a present from Saint Josemaría Escrivá.

Visitors and pilgrims have access to the Virgin´s Medallion through a door located in the right side of the presbytery. This is a medal that pilgrims kissed in the past and continue kissing today.