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Origins of the Sanctuary


When the “reconquista” (medieval Spanish war between moors and Christians) was over in this area, the Christians placed the image of the Virgin inside the old hermitage (it can be seen today). According to tradition and corroborated by historians, this image was venerated even before 1084. Due to the Arab domination, the image was hidden and later recovered near the hermitage (when the land was reconquered by the Christians). When Barbastro was conquered back in 1100, Torreciudad lost population gradually, but the hermitage continued being the chosen sanctuary for the people in the neighboring shires.

The old hermitage that is located near the sanctuary is the place that housed the original image of the Virgin of Torreciudad. Today, just like throughout nine centuries of history, this small hermitage remains as a pleasant meeting point for the people of the neighboring shires, as they frecuently celebrate mass, weddings, anniversaries and other events there.