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Saint Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer


Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer was born in Barbastro (Huesca, Spain) on January 9th 1902. He got seriously ill when he was 2. When doctors did not give him any chance of survival, his parents prayed to the Virgin entrusting her with his recovery. Months later and after a surprising recovery, the parents when on pilgrimage to the Torreciudad hermitage. This was done as a gesture of gratitude.

He received the priestly ordainment in Zaragoza . Later on he moved to Madrid. He founded the Opus Dei in 1928. He escaped to France when the civil war started. He would later come back but he set his residence in Rome. He got his doctorate in Theology and he was appointed His Highness Prelate of honor .

Moved by his love to the Holy Virgin, he promoted the construction of a new sanctuary in Torreciudad. With the construction in progress, he visited the construction site in 1970 and 1075 (just a month before dying). He died in Rome on June 26 1975. On May 17 1992, Pope John Paul II beatified him and proclaimed him saint ten years later. His body rests in a funerary urn located under the altar of the Saint Mary of Peace Church in Rome.